In keeping with Mrs. Leonette’s wishes, the Foundation will accept grant requests in the following categories:

1. Aging, Centers & Services: Innovative approaches to improvement in the quality of life for senior citizens.

2. Children & Youth Services: Enriching the health and well-being of emotionally, physically, economically, or intellectually deprived children who might not otherwise qualify for help from the public sector.

Within these categories, the directors act electively. Grants are made for new and innovative projects that appear to have the greatest feasibility and significance. The feasibility of a project includes the extent to which the leadership, setting, scale, and design are adequate to achieve its goals. The significance of a project includes the importance of the issues addressed and the potential of the project as a model, as a source of permanent institutional reform, or as a contribution to public social policy. In each of the priority categories, The Leonette Foundation will pay particular attention to projects sponsored by the groups it is designed to serve. The Leonette Foundation does not make grants to individuals.